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How It Works

1. We Find Your Following

Your people are out there, you just need to find them. When you sign up our team of Instagram Specialists will find your tribe.

We use advanced niche research to find where your perfect audience is hanging out on Instagram.

2. Automated Engagement

Once we have the people you want to connect with inside our system, all you have to do is sit back and wait.

Our automated service will reach out to your potential audience through likes and follows. If someone we connect with likes what you're putting out, they'll choose to follow you.

3. Watch Your Following Grow

As more people find that you're just what they were looking for, your following will naturally skyrocket with engaged and interested users.

No fake followers, just your new tribe.


My followers jumped from 200 to 10K + in a space of 8 months. It has helped me sell more drone prints, and connect with other photographers and artists. Great results, and absolutely effortless.




[Started at 215 followers]

by the numbers:


Years Since We Started

3 128 320+

Followers Gained


Happy Clients


I have access to opportunities I never though possible with my photography, thanks to Macurex's growth service. Tourism boards are flying me out on all expenses paid trips, just so I can post the pictures on Instagram. I still can't believe it's all actually happening.




[Started at 3k followers]


I started my account while exploring vegan food in the states, and have since moved to Bali and changed the handle to bali.veganguide. The following I've gained from using Macurex's Growth Service the whole time has given me instant authority in the Bali Vegan food scene, and I'm already getting invited to restaurants and events.




[Started at 424 followers]

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